Dear participants,

On behalf of the ESCMID Study Group for Legionella Infections (ESGLI), we are very pleased to welcome you to the ESGLI 2024 meeting in Dresden, Germany, on 24-25th October 2024. On Wednesday, October 23rd 2024, there will be a welcome reception in the evening.

The event will be combined with the ELDSNet annual meeting that will take place on 21st -22nd of October. The 8th ESGLI meeting comes after a very successful post Covid meeting, in Crete in 2023. We would like to build on that and encourage all those with an interest in Legionella to attend. Dresden is a beautiful city and a major cultural, educational and political centre and one of the most visited cities in Germany. Dresden has produced many scientists with a real interest and drive to increase our understanding of Legionella. I refer specifically to recently retired Prof. Christian Luck and formerly Dr Jurgen Helbig. ESGLI is extremely grateful for their contributions to the field of Legionella diagnostics, genomics and of course the production of the “Dresden monoclonal antibodies” that are still used globally today, as well as all the continuing hard work from Dr Markus Petzold and his team.

The ESGLI meetings are a unique opportunity to meet other people working on Legionella considered by the World Health Organization as a water pathogen responsible for the greatest health burden. This ESGLI 2024 conference will cover a broad range of topics relating to Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease (LD) such as epidemiology, diagnosis, genotyping, pathogenesis, ecology, water control measures and management.

This will be an opportunity to discuss the increasing incidence of Legionellosis globally and the effect that an aging population, climate change and the need for energy efficient disinfection practices will have in the future. In this regard, Legionella interactions with other water micro-organisms, amoebae and macrophages and its survival mechanisms will be discussed as well as the increasing number of non pneumophila species that have recently been identified.

The meeting will bring together researchers from all Legionella-related fields, and we will have the privilege of hosting several eminent international guest speakers. All attendees will receive a very warm welcome in Dresden and on behalf of the conference organizers and scientific committee, we are very pleased to welcome you to ESGLI 2024.

Diane Lindsay
Chair of ESGLI
Date of congress
24th - 25th october 2024

Penck Hotel Dresden
Ostra-Allee 33, 01067 Dresden, Germany

Participation Fees
ESGLI Members – 250€
Non ESGLI Members – 350€
Students – 150€
Social Evening – 50€

Orga committe
Sarah Uhle, Dresden, Germany
Laurine Kieper, Dresden, Germany
and EGSLI EC Members

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EGSLI EC Members
Diane Lindsay, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Anastasia Flountzi, Athens, Greece
Marisa Scaturro, Rome, Italy
Sophie Jarraud, Lyon, France
Markus Petzold, Dresden, Germany

Scientific Committee
Sebastian Crespi, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Veleria Gaia, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Paulo Gonçalves, Lisboa, Portugal
Lara Payne-Hallström, Stockholm, Sweden
Susanne Surman-Lee, Ringwood, United Kingdom
And ESGLI EC Members

Invited speakers
Lara Payne-Hallström, Stockholm, Sweden
Sophie Jarraud, Lyon, France
Antje Flieger, Robert-Koch-Institute, Germany
Andrea Rechenburg, WHO Bonn, Germany

  • Epidemiology and outbreak investigation
  • Interactions with the host and environment
  • Legionella typing and genomics
  • Clinical aspects and diagnosis of LD
  • Legionella prevention and control
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Penck Hotel Dresden
Ostra-Allee 33, 01067 Dresden, Germany
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